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car modification project

An automotive exterior modification

Appearance of the car is equivalent to a person's clothes, different tastes of people will wear different types of clothes, you want your car reflects your personality, of course, wear different clothes to give her friends. General appearance modifications include front and rear bumper, two skirts, BMW e36 Adjustable Shock absorber high-wing, opening engine cover, stickers, HID Xenon headlamps.

2, chassis system modifications

Car modification is often "indeed affect the whole body," of course, would require enhanced power brakes more sensitive. Therefore, the main purpose of chassis system modifications is to provide car safety and comfort. The main modifications include shock absorbers, brake hose, wheels, front top right, after the top bar, front chassis, the chassis and so on.

3, power system modification

Most fans of the main purpose of modified car modification is to improve the car's surging power! We can say that the power conversion system is the top priority of car modification. To improve vehicle power, replacing the spark plugs must be modified, spark plugs wire and sponge, Fuel Saver, water burner, horsepower, electronic rectifier and an exhaust pipe.
4, automotive interior modification

Automotive interior upholstery modification is not generalized, but for power conversion, chassis modifications and a series of modifications after the match modification. As the car after conversion, power surge, car racing metamorphosis. Therefore do not install bucket racing seats, racing shift head and a variety of instruments and so on.

5, car audio conversion
In a sense, car audio conversion is not a "modified car" category. This is because the audio conversion project big or small, can develop independently, has been completely "live on their own," the. In general, the audio conversion is simply to buy a host, amplifier and speakers, of course, Miata Coilovers sound master of the craft and the concept is important to ensure that the manufacturing excellent music.

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Range Rover Sport: Hamann Conqueror II

Not only sports car drivers have an almost insatiable thirst for power. If polo, Astra or GTI - PS you can not have enough. tuning parts This also applies to the factory already high powered Range Rover Sport from Hamann.

At the IAA 2007 in Frankfurt, the Hamann Conqueror was already talked about. Back in bravem painted white and up to 475 horsepower. Now it turns tuner Hamann Conqueror II his big SUV to the side. Base is the Range Rover Sport Supercharged HSE with five-liter V8 and supercharged. The factory with all kinds of electronic and luxurious helpers equipped Brite makes the Conqueror trim a terrifying impression: wide fenders, a massive front bumper with flash LED lighting, and finally an exhaust sound that passes for bass equivalent of the trumpets of Jericho.

Hamann improves the performance of the 510 hp eight-cylinder 560 hp on concentrated. The maximum torque after tuning upgrade at 685 Newton meters. How fast is the 2.6 ton Range Rover from the hip fires, Hamann reveals not yet. With the new series unit, the charged accelerating Brummer any case in 6.2 seconds from zero to one hundred. 225 km / h top are there, then is electronically limited. The providence that the Hamann Conqueror leaves a slightly longer leash, is not unrealistic in view of the other horses from the Hamann-stable. Dynamic driving the beary V8 will in any case be assisted by a sports suspension and 23-inch aluminum rims. Whether the latter actually guarantee a refreshing cornering is debatable - look damn good doing large wheels all.
The Conquest will cost 134,000 euros
Inside is the Hamann Conqueror as usual therefore with luxury. Headliner, pillars and door panels are wrapped in leather covers. The switch on the dash are satin chrome, the others come with black satin and aluminum and chrome surfaces. If that's not enough, may quite openly reveal his wishes.Skyline R33 coil packs At least 134,000 euro purchase price is certainly the one and other extra feasible.

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Shelby Mustang with 810 hp

A Shelby Mustang GT500 has a whopping 540 hp. Too little, finds Karl Geiger. The tuner screws the performance of muscle cars ado to 810 hp. How did he do it, we reveal here.

Muscle car specialist Karl Geiger just smiles mischievously when asked on his youngest horse in the stable. As a convinced Ami tuner he knows only too well how it is with the athleticism of his ponies. And while sports car fans keep the typical V8 sound irresistible, but the cars slow and too heavy, he taught critics always better. Currently, with the Shelby Mustang GT500. You have to imagine times: Ex works whopping 540 hp and 510 Newton meters is rotten together on the rear axle. That's enough - why, for heaven's sake even more power? The answer is quite simple: it! In Geiger Cars you do not need a reason for a power explosion to 810 hp.

The maximum torque increases to about 1000 Newton meters at 4300 1 / min. That there is no fitting - neither the motor nor the drive - remained untouched, should be clear. Before the intake ports Geiger Cars flanged a 3.3 liter compressor. The unit generates 1.6 bar boost pressure. Larger throttle valves, a modified injection system and machined cylinder heads are the majority of all measures. To keep the eight-cylinder engine at optimum operating temperature, additional cooling for the intake air and the cooling water are required. This strengthened the Shelby GT500 brings its 810 hp on the street, make a carbon clutch, reinforced transmission (5th and 6th gears were shortened) and also increased the differential assistance.
Optimum handling thanks to racing suspension
The tuner provides its immensely powerful Mustang to a special racing suspension and replaces the factory-installed track bar against a copy of chrome molybdenum steel. Reinforced and adjustable trailing arms provide better directional stability of the rear axle. The last link in the drive are 20-inch OZ wheels with Michelin high-performance tires. Anecdote: The beefed up eight-cylinder in Shelby comes from a Ford GT injured - also by Geiger Cars. The super sports car skidded on a highway near Munich by under the guardrail. There was luckily only damage to equipment. Issue costs: The violinist Shelby GT500 costs tuned to 810 hp from 130,000 euros.

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BMW M3 E30 Tuning

With attention to detail the Norwegians Björn Westeng has a well-preserved BMW M3 E30 transformed in his dream car. TUNING AUTO BILD shows the impressive result.

"Actually, I've never been a fan of BMW, but the E30 M3 is just something very special. When I saw this copy in Oslo, it was love at first sight," says Björn Westeng, the only Volvos called before his own. Björn has learned screws in-house at its Volvo 240 Turbo. Northern Lights with a penchant for Swedish tank has yet completed the most spectacular M3, which has seen the tuning scene. In August 2007, Björn acquired at just 20 years of his dream-3 - since he lives the fascination of white-blue

In everyday life, he first drove a 540i Touring E34 series, then a 320i E30. "I like the easy handling, the design and the rear-wheel drive Full particularly keen I am on the older models -. My M3 I will therefore probably never separate," says Björn. Full care of the previous owner had housed the M3 in a garage, in the purchase of state was accordingly well. Moreover, the previous owner gave Björn with a special varnish in Avusblau pearl, 17-inch Hamann wheels, Single Arm, Evo II spoiler and tinted windows and tail lights a through ball for more conversions. The young BMW fan would not be asked twice: DTM mirrors, Guerney flap, brake air ducts and carbon front splitter followed on the heels. "I also 'BMW Motorsport' can lase on the door handles - for me include the details," says Björn.

As the dark blue threesome with almost 300 hp looks in detail, we show in the gallery. You can read the complete article in AUTO BILD TUNING 1/2011.

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BMW 7 Series: Tuning by Mansory

Mansory Switzerland makes the BMW 7 Series to create. The result is a monstrously powerful luxury racing car with up to 640 hp,Exhaust Manifold for sale a discreet spoiler deployment and sophisticated interiors.

Cars change today almost in rhythm to her face. Here a facelift, there an adjustment. For luxury cars like the BMW 7 Series is not true. In these elite circles resistance is still a virtue. Plenty of room for individualization might think. But few tuners offer their services. One of them is Mansory Switzerland. The luxury carmaker's top models the Munich BMW 750i and 760 Li to the plate. A modified front bumper with LED daytime running lights trims the BMW to sporty. Rear apron with diffuser comes along with cutouts for the striking rear silencer system and a subtle spoiler is used. The sleek side profile of the 7 Series remains natural. Wheels and chassis are made ​​fit to request. This also applies to the interior. There you will find, as usual,impreza gc8 coilovers Mansory, only the best materials such as leather, wood or carbon use.

Of course, under the hand plate is applied. In the case of the factory 408-hp twin-turbo V8 of the 750i Tuning the deposit means an increase in output to a whopping 490 hp. The maximum torque increases from 600 Nm to 750 Nm. Even more significant, the PS upgrade fails for the six-liter V12 in the 760 Li. Here are loud tuner at the end of an impressive 640 PS (GC8 Coilovers) to book. With 920 Newton meters of maximum torque, the turbocharged twelve-cylinder scratches just on the prestigious 1000 mark. In terms of performance, a series-760 looks to be Mansory counterpart then no more sun: From zero to 100 kph in 4.2 seconds It's so full four tenths faster. Removes the tuner then the electronic 250-km / h brakes, flies the two-ton Mansory 7 Series at approximately 300 km on the left lane.

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